Working in these intersections makes things interesting, though potentially confusing. To assist, here is a small guide to the work I create and why. Everything is connected, each part stacks, weaves and feeds one another.

Fig. 1
To capture this moment in time and hold it forever. A paused instance that we can gaze at and react to.

Fig. 2
Piecing together the experience and thinking more holistically. Details and big picture blend, we design what people might wear – as well as typography that conveys a message.

Fig. 3
To bring moments to life, creating time and scenes that we can pause, loop and let fleet. Motion in design can be utilized to convey a message with more control and ease.
Fig. 4
With instruments, found sounds, vibrations, we can paint without seeing. Through creating textures and colour, we vocalise our thoughts 
and feelings.

Fig. 5
The articulation of feelings, thoughts, ideas, tangibilizing these emotions through something more universally understood.
Melbourne, Victoria